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Tips Of Online Gambling

Gambling: a dangerous addiction. Over time there have been developed several types of games. Their existence is recorded in many ancient manuscripts and know that they were present in oriental societies like Ancient Egypt, China, Japan, India, and in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. It can be said that they are in the process of "evolution" now you can bet or play on the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In Britain, for example, according to a report by the British Medical Association, 25% of children aged between 12 and 15 years and play betting on slot machines and 5% of them show signs of dependence on this type of games.

Although gambling addiction is as heavy and serious as any other addiction, there is a law to ban them, moreover, they are accepted and tolerated socially. traits gambling addict According Anca Munteanu, psychologist, addiction occurs about the same regardless of its object. A person can not help, have regular behavior, do anything to satisfy him is a need. If gambling addict, it is mainly about the enjoyment of the game and money. Like any addict usually hides this behavior and try to get some money in various ways.

It is easy to see, especially if you have family which senses the missing amount. Being so "caught" his addiction, often ignores others, neglecting other activities, nothing draws him or her enjoy. insulation can reach a continuing concern for the game and to get the amounts needed. "main feature is loss during the game logic . themselves in a state of identity with the game itself, so the actual coordinates disappear making the amounts played, risks assumed to be much larger than usual.

Consequently, the behavior of inherently lead to loss " , says psychologist Claudiu Ganciu. Specialist shows and other features of the dependent person gaming: The game seems to bring satisfaction that no other activity will bring. Why would they give up one pleasure? In addition, the game becomes their only world outside them there is nothing.