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Everyone has to start at the beginning, and if you always wanted to know how to play roulette but are not sure how, or if you just want to refresh her memory, the rules of roulette are the perfect complement.  These rules serve both to play roulette to the online version of this game at online casinos, and talk of European or American roulette online.

As for the rules of roulette, I must say that the roulette wheel which takes its name this casino game , is divided into a series of spaces that a thrown on the wheel of the rotating roulette ball will fall with choosing the winner this accidental fall spin result. The number of spaces in which is divided varies, being thirty-seven European Roulette online and thirty-eight in the American version.

The jargon of this game at online casinos has called "pockets" these little boxes or spaces numbered 1 through 36 (but not consecutively) with a 0 (European) and a zero and a double zero (American). Moreover, these pockets are colored both red and black so that each number corresponds to one of those two colors.

We must emphasize that, except for a particular bet, there is no difference between the rules of the American roulette and the European roulette online (also called French) so it is always better to choose the latter alternative. The first thing you need to know about the rules of roulette to play roulette and win once to get to your favorite casino or online casino is what kind of bets are available and how to perform them.

If something has this game and all the rules Roulette is a high number of possibilities when it comes to gambling, so it is best to move on to describe the whole range of bets that you can make in the face of the wheel.