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How To Win Online
Tips for winning at Blackjack abound. Business away Blackjack involves several strategies and statistics that we must know if we want to have the chance to be among the ace blackjack. Here are some tips from professional players can help you assert yourself in a game of blackjack. When you have between 1 and 11 points, consider drawing a card. If 11 points, the hand is called "soft", that is to say, the player adds 11 pts and has an ace, he can continue to draw a card.

At 17 points, you must stop the draw. If the player has 12 points and the dealer owns 4.5 or 6, do not ask to draw a card. It is the same if you have 13, 14, 15, 16 pts, especially if the dealer has in his hand 2 or 6 pts. With 18 points, it is advisable to draw a card if and only if the dealer has 9 or 10 pts.

When the player has 17 points, the best way to win is for him not to "draw card". It is the same if it recognizes 19 points and more. "Doubling" the game of blackjack is only possible if you have a stiff hand (1-11 points) that is to say, the starting hand of the player reaches 9 or 11 pts. If the player has 11 pts and the bank got an ace, it is advisable to double. Otherwise (that is to say that the bank did not have an ace), the player can continue to double.

When the dealer has an Ace and 10 pts, it is recommended the player to double. Doubling also if dealer points range from 3 to 6 and that of the player is 9 pts. When your score is 13.14 and the dealer draws a 4 double. With 17 pts, you can double if the 3 appears.

If you have accumulated 18 + pts and a flexible and willing hand, consider including double if the dealer has 5 or 6 pts. If the dealer draws a 4 or 3 and you have 18 pts, double. Cut only when the blackjack game dealer points vary between 2 and 8 pts. It is not recommended to cut an ace with an 8, a 5 or 4 in the case of a pair of Aces.