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As I have discussed in previous articles the dealer in the game of blackjack is always subject to rules and luckily benefits the player. The rule to keep in mind is that the dealer must draw cards until you reach number 17, and the dealer is obliged to ask for a letter to reach that value the player has an advantage. The player is not subject to this rule, so you can order letter anytime as long as you do not pass the 21.

Another interesting rule is that if the dealer reaches 17 or + must stand and could not ask for a letter, but the players will not apply that rule. The ideal is to always have a hand wax + 17 if you order letter and the value of the next card is a small number, but as we all know is risky and you can spend 21 and lose all the money in that play.

What is the house edge compared to blackjack player? the main advantage is that there are rules for untouchables not ask the dealer for a letter to reach 17, however have attached a probability table and apply a basic strategy that is used by professional players.

It may be that the table that I have written seems like something complicated that is quite simple, if you have any questions I'll give you a detailed explanation: The column is on the left is showing the combinations that can give players to start a game. As I explained above the dealer only showed his first letter. For that reason, you basing on the information I have given you with 3 cards and using my chart you'll be better positioned to make good decisions.

Imagine that you are dealt 11 and 4, then your hand would be a 15. You have to find the line of the column of your hand. Sien is heading the upcard of the dealer and is 9 to be moved by the finger and you get to row 15 column dealer that has a value of 9. Both have the letter H. According to my table the statistical situation is advised to ask for a letter, that's because the dealer will have a high probability of having a top 15 chart.